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Oxo-Biodegradables And Other Additive-Mediated Plastics Are Not Bioplastics

“Oxo-degradable” plastics are conventional plastics containing special additives designed to promote the oxidation of the product, resulting in its brittleness and fragmentation into small pieces, but uncertain to ensure a complete degradation or mineralization. Products made with additive-technology and available on the market include film applications such as shopping bags, agricultural mulch films and, most […]


Queensland Parliament Passes Bill Banning Lightweight Plastic Bags

Queensland’s Parliament has officially passed the Waste Reduction and Recycling Amendment Bill 2017, which introduces a ban on lightweight singlet-style plastic bags. Coming into effect on 1 July 2018, the lightweight plastic bag ban will apply to all Queensland retailers, with penalties applying to any retailer who does not comply with the legislation. According to […]

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Bioplastics and Biopolymers Market to reach US$7,622 billion by the end of 2021

GMI Research latest study, estimated the global bioplastics & biopolymers market at USD 3,587 billion in 2016 and projects it to reach USD 7,622 billion by the end of 2021, and is projected to witness a CAGR of 16.27% during the forecast period. Major factors boosting the growth prospects of the bioplastics and biopolymers market […]

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NZ Packaging Forum Releases Study Of Compostable Food Packaging & Coffee Cups In Composting Facilities

The NZ Packaging Forum Public Place Recycling Scheme has released the findings of a detailed survey of 27 composting facilities across New Zealand to understand their experiences with processing compostable food packaging including compostable coffee cups. Eleven facilities have agreed to be listed as accepting compostable food packaging with a further two unnamed facilities able […]

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The Seedling Logo Explained

Claims regarding the degradation of plastics can be highly confusing and understanding the difference can actually be quite simple. The seedling logo, an international certification and symbol exists clearly identifying certified compostable degradable plastics. The seedling logo is a symbol that the product’s claims of biodegradability and compostability as per Australian Standard 4736-2006 have been verified. […]

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EU Report on Environmental Impact of Oxo-degradable Plastics

Republished from Food Packing Forum May 2, 2017   Ksenia Groh Food Packaing Forum EU-commissioned report highlights the environmental harm caused by oxo-degradable plastics; European Bioplastics calls for a Europe-wide stop of production and use until ‘better certification schemes’ are developed On April 24, 2017 the trade association European Bioplastics (EUBP) published an article discussing […]

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Towards a Circular Economy, Bioplastics, Food Waste and Agriculture

Rowan Williams, President of the Australasian Bioplastics Association recently presented “Towards a Circular Economy, Bioplastics, Food Waste and Agriculture” at the A-NZ  Plastics & Waste Conference. Key highlights of the presentation included: Bioplastics and their role in a Circular Economy Moving from a linear economy to a Circular Economy Bioplastics, food waste and agriculture Certified compostable […]